Road Repairs Delayed Due to Lack of Funds

North Cyprus News - Tolga Atakan - Transport Minister

The Minister of Public Works and Communications Tolga Atakan has admitted that his ministry has failed to achieve its goals for 2018. This, he said, is because of the economic difficulties face by the country.

Minister Atakan said that he believed it was possible to achieve centre ground between the government and the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK). [Its workers are going on indefinite strike this Monday.]

Atakan said that he believed KIB-TEK should be able to provide its services under better conditions.

He said that many of the projects prepared by his ministry had been postponed or delayed because of the economic crisis [brought on by the serious devaluation of the Turkish Lira.] The minister added that it would not be possible to implement these projects this year either because of the continuing impact of the economic crisis.

Referring to the damage to the country’s infrastructure following torrential rainfall this winter, Atakan said that more action needed to be taken to ensure that such damage would be avoided in future.

North Cyprus News - Floods (2)

We need to clean up stream and river beds, reinforce bridges and the surroundings as well as reroute waterways”, he said.

The minister noted that projects to repair roads damaged by the rains had had to be temporarily shelved because of a lack of funds.

On the topic of expensive airline tickets, Atakan said that it was not possible to expect the prices to fall any time soon given the existing state of the economy.


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