Road Worker Loses Hand in Grenade Explosion

North Cyprus News - Disused firing rangeFive road workers were injured, one severely, when a hand grenade picked up by one of the workers exploded in his hand completely destroying it. The men were resurfacing the road next to a military firing range close to the Hamitkoy Dam in Nicosia district.

They were all treated at the Near East University Hospital. It is reported that all the workers had been hit by sharpnel and one man had his arm amputated at the elbow.

A retired military general commenting on the incident said that civilians should take heed of warning signs not to enter military areas.

Colonel Öcal Dalli (Retired) said that despite the decrease in the number of soldiers on the island, there are too many shooting ranges in the country, “It is not safe to have so many firing ranges. In the past, the number of soldiers in the country was very high. But now there is a period of peace”, he said. A special team attached to the Turkish Armed Forces can be assigned to the branch to clear all ranges of unexploded ordnance, the general said. “All the ammunition can be cleared. It is a costly thing, but it has to be done.” He also said that military ranges were marked out and did have warning signs against entry.

Star Kibris

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