Roads Closed to Traffic due to Flooding

A number of roads have been closed because of flooding as follows: The road from Bostancı to Taşpınar village. To access Taşpınar use the Doğancı to Taşpınar road.

North Cyprus News - Road - washed away by floods in Karpaz

The area between Güzelyurt – Lefkoşa Main Road, Güzelyurt Manisa Bulvari intersection and Mevlevi-Şahinler roundabout. Alternative route Şahinler-Zümrütköy – Akçay-Güzelyurt.

Güzelyurt – The old coastal road is still closed to traffic.

Manisa Bulvari, which was closed to traffic in Güzelyurt yesterday, was opened to traffic, but only the circular section of the road was provided as a single lane traffic flow.

The road opposite the Yeşilköy petrol station is still closed to traffic.

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