Roads Collapsing

The road leading from Taskent to Bufavento Castle is falling away in sections.

The area is popular with tourists because of its natural beauty and historical landmarks. However due to recent rains, sections of the road have slid down the mountainside and are now dangerous.

So far, no repair work has been undertaken.

The Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos Monastry in the Five Finger Mountains, north of Taskent, is also in poor condition and is surrounded by rubbish left by picnickers. It has been used for holding animals and is full of droppings. In addition there is graffiti on the walls.

There has now been a general outcry from citizens and a call for the monastery and surrounding area to be cleaned up. They say that there should be heavy penalties for littering.

In addition, the authorities have been called upon to repair the eroding Bufavento Castle road.

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