Roadworks on Mountain Road End Tomorrow

Roadworks on the Çatalköy-Değirmenlik Road (Girne mountain road) should be completed on Tuesday, The aim is to lift access restrictions tomorrow, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has said.

A statement issued by the Ministry, said that the roadworks were intended to make the Çatalköy-Değirmenlik Road (Girne mountain road) safer for traffic.

Weather permitting, the laying of tarmac will be completed by tomorrow. The statement emphasised that when the works are completed, the damage parts of the road, barriers and traffic signs will be renovated and the road will become safer.

“Towards this end, drivers who use the road are asked to take special care by keeping their speeds down and observing traffic signs and markers, in order to maintain the safety of workers on the road,”, the statement read.

Kibris News Agency

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