RoC government minister skips bail in TRNC

In 2011 Michalis Sarris was arrested after being found naked with a 17 year old man in the Turkish part of Nicosia. He was released with a €50,000 bail.

He has now been promoted to Minister of Finance in the new Anastasiades government. Mr Sarris is a famous economist who was head of the economic committee in the previous government. He graduated from the London School of Economics and then from Wayne University in America. He has held positions in the Finance Ministry, Central Bank of Cyprus and the World Bank. This is his second term as Finance Minister, he held this position originally between 2005-2008.

Mr Sarris was arrested in October 2011 when he was caught naked with a 17 year old man in a house in the Turkish part of Nicosia. He claimed that he was having a 20 Euro massage. Sarris was held in the TRNC for a while and eventually conditionally released when he paid a 50 thousand Euro bail.

At the time, he resigned from his position in South Cyprus and stated that there were major differences between the cultures of the two communities of the island.

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