Rubbish and tourism don’t mix

The amount of illegal rubbish dumping continues to rise.

Tourist companies are protesting strongly that tourists are reacting badly to the unsightly vision of rubbish in the hills. The growing number of tourists coming on walking holidays during the winter months is being affected, they claim.

Despite some efforts being made on the environmental front, unfortunately, not enough is being done. The beaches are covered in rubbish brought in by the sea, in rural areas, garbage is dumped on the mountainside and raw sewage is being deposited in the fields. In some mountain areas, recovery of rubbish is nigh on impossible.

The  Kyrenia – Nicosia highway located in the mountainous part of the Ciklos has recently started to get strewn with garbage.

These factors are less than impressive to visitors who are left to conclude that North Cyprus does not really care too much about its environment.

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