Rubbish clear up underway

A concerted effort is being made to clean up the mounds of unsightly rubbish piling up in Nicosia streets. Piles of refuse have grown over the past three weeks due to rubbish collectors strikes and ‘go slows’. Nicosia Council had promised that the accumulated rubbish would be cleared up during Bayram.

Yesterday was a holiday but starting at dawn today, the Council has set to work. It is using a mix of council employees and private firms in the effort. In addition, starting tomorrow, council employees from neighbouring councils will also join the effort.

A spokesman for the Council was on a local radio station this morning to specifically say that a major push had started in four areas of the capital. Mr Dana went on to say that after recent heavy rains, roads had flooded and that the rainwater could not escape as rubbish had blocked many gutters. The collection teams were clearing these out as part of their activities to make it easier for water to drain from the streets.

It is planned that the bulk of the rubbish will be cleared by Tuesday and that pesticide spraying can then begin to counter the rising numbers of flies and rodents that have thrived in the rotting debris.

Dana did point out that the parties involved should meet urgently to secure a permanent solution to their issues.

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