Ruinous price hikes at Ercan

Follow reports over the past few weeks on a whole range of fee increases at Ercan airport being imposed by Tas Yapi, the Turkish company that won the tender for the privatisation of Ercan airport; more increases are being levied on the car rental companies.

The head of the Car Rental Association, Kamil Ozalp says that there are 35 car parking spaces reserved at Ercan airport for his members’ rental cars. Until now there was a parking fee of US$5,000 per year for these spaces; that is around TL 10,000 per year.

Now they have been informed that there will be an increase from TL 10,000 to TL 127,000. Mr Ozalp claims that even in the summer months his association members only just meet their expenses and that in winter they run at a loss. He says that no individual company or the association can possibly meet such an increase in their operating costs.

Tas Yapi have charged virtually all businesses that use the airport with large increases in rental and license fees.

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