Ruling UBP party taken to court

The UBP has been taken to the Supreme Court, accused of putting hundreds of people onto the state payroll to buy their votes. The votes were crucial in the hotly contested recent elections for leadership of the UBP, which was won by the Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk.

This action has been brought by the Toplaniyoruz party and was announced during a TV programme yesterday by the leader of Toplaniyoruz, Kudret Ozersay.

Mr Ozersay claims that the government ignored the many unemployed and instead gave jobs to people whose votes it could buy, even if these people were already employed in the private sector.

It is alleged that the hirings were taken without any entry tests and with no regard to suitability of employment.

Mr Ozersay feels that the country is not following the rule of law and hopes that the judicial system can be used to improve matters.

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