Who is Running the Country Journalist Asks

Comments made by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Cypriot Affairs Recep Akdag, regarding the ‘Afrika’ cartoon debacle is beginning to annoy the people, columnist Ismet Ozguren for Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Bakis’ writes.

Asserting that Akdag is presuming to speak on behalf of the Turkish Cypriots using “the tone of a governor or a commander” shows that it has been evident from the very start that that this would happen as long as those who allegedly administrate the country continue to take orders from Ankara. He writes, inter alia the following:

“[…] Akdag first put the administrators of ‘Afrika’ newspaper in their place, as he thought he should, and used unspeakable words, while the next day, he attempted to ‘discipline’ the Turkish Cypriots about the water coming from Turkey. This is not actually the first or the last time Recep Akdag has behaved in such a manner. If you mortgage to one place everything you have from the top to bottom, the person before you will naturally approach you with the ego of the owner. In any case Akdag is doing this.

“Whenever there is criticism against Ankara in the northern part of the island, humiliation using an iron hand in a velvet glove behaviour is exhibited at once. You will not have the right to criticise anything in this country. […] If you look at the event a little bit differently, you will be ungrateful and pro-Greek. That is, you will not be able to think about the interests of your country, because some think about them better than you do.

“[…] Recep Akdag has, without being ashamed, given some subtle messages to the citizens aiming at the elections. Noting that he is certain that the elections in the TRNC will be held within democratic maturity, Aktag stated that they want a government which will work in harmony with Turkey to come out from the ballot box as a result of the elections. That is Recep Akdag dropping a hint to the citizens saying ‘do not go to the ballot box and make foolish choices. In any case, as a party we have representation there. Those on duty there are in any case telling you who works in harmony with Ankara’.

“This is the essence of the issue,” Ozguren concludes.

Yeni Bakis

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