Russia lifts ban on Turkish tourism

Russia’s Ministry of Culture has decided to lift the ban on Turkish tourist agencies in the country. The Russian Federal Tourism Agency (ROSTURIZM), imposed the ban after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet which had strayed across its Syrian border.

The agency has now added Turkish tourism companies back onto its website again.

Chair of the Turkish Cypriot Travel Agents’ Union KITSAB), said that if Russians begin taking holidays in Turkey again, there would be a huge benefit to North Cyprus.

Hotel occupancy by Russian tourists in Antalya had fallen by 90%. Now the embargo has been lifted he expects a flow of tourists both to Turkey and North Cyprus.

Noting that it was essential to launch a concentrated advertising campaign for tourism in the North, Tolun said that they have lost out this year and that they should seriously plan what they could do for 2017.

Tolun noted that KITSAB could invite foreign journalists to write articles about North Cyprus when they return to their countries. “This is very important, because the salvation of our country is in tourism”, he said.

Kibris Gazetesi

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