Sacked airport staff continue to protest

Following the sacking of 170 staff belonging to Cyprus Airways Service (CAS,) the Federation of Cyprus Turkish Workers Trade Unions (Turk-Sen) continues its protest in front of the Prime Ministry, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

The reports says that the workers received a “written notice” in which they were informed that they were being dismissed as of 5th August,

During todays protest which included the sacked CAS personnel who are members of Hava-Sen the protesters chanted slogans: “We rather die than give up”, “Privatize the Parliament” and “Unity and solidarity”.

The leaders of Hava-Sen and Turk-Sen who also participated in the protest then entered the parliament building having been invited to meet with PM Yorgancıoğlu.

The two union leaders are expected to make statements after their meeting with the prime minister.

Cyprus Airport Services (CAS) Limited was established in 2007 by Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Turkey’s airport services company HAVAŞ.


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