Safety of local tap water in question

Water worker Mentes Zaman has disclosed that many of the water depots he has been cleaning in the Tasinkoy area of Nicosia, are far from satisfactory. He states that the water in the depots contains both mud and sewage.

Last month the Medical Association reported that the mains water in this district was dirty, a statement which led to local protests. Mr Zaman who has been cleaning water depots in the area recently, has testified that the situation is desperate, stating that he has personally seen the water polluted with ‘yellow objects’ and the smell of raw sewage.

Locals are now boycotting the mains water and relying on water tankers for their needs. They have described their tap water as discoloured and foul smelling, unsuitable for even bathing. Inevitably there are now health fears.

Both the Health minister and the mayor of Nicosia, Cemal Bulutoglulari have in recent days made press announcements that the mains water is both safe and clean. This most recent disclosure appears to contradict these announcements.

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