Save a Life campaign launched

A new blood campaign was launched yesterday in collaboration with the Health Ministry, Credit West bank and Telsim. The “Save a Life” campaign is a way of contacting people who are willing to donate a unit of blood in the event of urgent blood requirements due to operations, transfusions or a major incident.

The Save a Life team will collate a list of willing donors, along with their blood group and location. This information will be stored on a mobile phone and whenever there is an urgent requirement for blood a text will be sent out asking for blood donations. This is an extremely worthwhile campaign, providing valuable support to the health service in their work to save lives.

The campaign is the brainchild of Stephen Collard. Stephen was called on during February to give blood urgently, which he did. A few days later there was another urgent requirement for the same blood type. As it is not possible to give blood again so soon, Stephen contacted members of Civil Emergency Service Volunteers plus all his friends and acquaintances in an effort to support the blood demand. This finally resulted in the urgent requirement being met, but the lack of a co-ordinated approach for urgent blood demands was putting lives at risk. Stephen progressed his idea with the support of Daria Denisova and Nigel Reeves, plus sponsorship from Cagla Hami of Credit West and Nil Zorlu of Telsim. Save a Life is a completely voluntary organisation and they are not looking for any financial donations, only blood donation.

How can you help? Send a text with your blood group and nearest hospital (Girne, Lefkosia or Famagusta) to 05428 800 112.  (and add this number to your contacts as “Save a Life”)

Anyone who is unsure of their blood group can find out by donating a pint of blood, and the donation centre will give them this information. Regular blood donation is possible up to the age of 70 and it is possible to donate blood even when on certain prescribed medications – your blood transfusion centre can answer any queries you may have. Regular blood donors are also encouraged to join the campaign – when giving blood in response to an urgent request, your card will be stamped, with a credit to your regular blood organisation on their next donation day.

For more information the Save a Life team can be contacted at [email protected]



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