School curriculum to be changed in line with Turkey in 2018

TDP General Secretary General Asım Idris, has suggested that the high school curriculum will change in the academic year of 2018-2019.

Idris, who is the former Secretary of the National Education Culture and Sports department, shared the fact that the education curricula will change in 2018. Commenting on social media, he said that the TRNC education system will altered to be the same as Turkey’s.

References to Ataturk would be reduced and the subject of jihad would be introduced into the education system.

His comments sparked much public reaction. People asked what was the source of this story and if it was accurate.

Idris replied that:

1. The TC Ministry of Education publicly announced that it has made changes in high school curricula and that these changes will be implemented in the spring of 2018, when schools are opened.

2. Explained that the “Theory of Evolution” has been abolished, the topics related to Ataturk have been reduced and the concept of “Jihad” has been included in the curriculum. You can find this on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Education.

3. Naturally, this curriculum change will also affect the university entrance exams and will be asked on this curriculum.

4. Secondary school books will be written according to the new curriculum within 1 year.

5. There is a balance agreement between the TRNC Ministry of Education and the Turkish Ministry of Education. This harmonisation agreement envisages harmony in high school programmes.

6. Students from the TRNC will enter university through the new curriculum applied in the TRNC according to the ÖSYM. This means that the evolution of the TC will be abolished and the changes in the introduction of the concept of jihad will affect our students as well.

7. Our high school books are also from TC. Books will be published in TC again next year. Without “Evolution Theory”, “Ataturk” is reduced and “Jihad” is added.

As a representative of the TDP, I would like to inform society about these issues which are closely related to the culture and future of the Turkish Cypriot community and that we will fight on the platform as the voice of the society.


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