Search Continues for Missing Men Amid Human Trafficking Investigations

Two men missing on boat trip- Yeşilim
[Speed Boat ‘Yeşilim’ – File Photo]
While search efforts on land and at sea continue for Sıtkı Akargöl and Emre Arslan, who rented a speedboat named ‘Yeşilim’ in Güzelyurt and headed towards Kumyalı before setting out to sea, Yeniduzen has obtained new information about 35-year-old Emre Arslan. It has been learned that Arslan, like Akargöl, is also under investigation for ‘human trafficking’.

The fact that both individuals are under investigation for the crime of ‘human trafficking’ deepens suspicions of “a new smuggling operation.” According to information obtained from security sources in Turkey, Emre Arslan is also a drug user and entered North Cyprus from Ankara on May 10.

Investigation Into Human Trafficking

According to information obtained from Turkish police sources, 35-year-old Emre Arslan, who disappeared at sea with Sıtkı Akargöl, is under investigation for ‘human trafficking’ in Turkey and is a drug user. It was learned that Emre Arslan entered North Cyprus from Ankara on May 10, flying from Ankara at 8am and arriving on the island around

9.15am. It was recorded that on the same day at around 3pm, Emre Arslan and Sıtkı Akargöl rented a speedboat and departed from the Kumyalı Fisherman’s Shelter, as captured by the security camera of a nearby kiosk. No news has been received from the two men since.

Fahriye Akargöl, the mother of Sıtkı Akargöl, spoke to Yeniduzen and revealed that her son had a human trafficking case against him, but she insisted that this was not a reason for him to flee. Tearfully, she explained that her son worked in security camera installation but only took jobs when available. She questioned why they rented such an expensive boat, considering her son didn’t have an ID or a regular job.

Sıtkı Akargöl
[Sıtkı Akargöl]
Two years ago, on August 1, 2022, Sıtkı Akargöl was being tried without detention. He and five others allegedly brought 24 Syrians from an unknown port in Turkey to the north of Cyprus, intending to take them to the south from the Yeşilırmak coast at 11am.

In another development, Seyithan Arslan, who contacted Yeniduzen claiming to be Emre Arslan’s brother, was confirmed as his brother by Turkish security sources. Seyithan mentioned that his brother was a boat mechanic and said he didn’t know if Emre was friends with Sıtkı Akargöl. He explained that they found out about his brother’s arrival in Cyprus through his Instagram account. Seyithan also shared that Emre lived in Izmir and had visited Cyprus during the pandemic. He noted that they hadn’t heard from Emre for a week and that his phones were turned off. Seyithan sought information about the search efforts and requested Yeniduzen’s help in contacting Sıtkı Akargöl’s family.


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