Second Geneva Conference to be held after mid-June

The second Cyprus Conference in Geneva will be held in the second half of June, Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci said on his return from New York on Tuesday.

On Sunday evening President Nicos Anastastiades and President Akinci agreed to hold a second conference in Geneva after a dinner meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The conference will be open-ended and could lead to a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem or may prove to be “unsolvable”, UN Special Envoy to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide has said.

Meanwhile, President Anastasiades has been on the receiving end of criticism for the results of the dinner meeting, from hard-liners in Nicosia.

Anastasiades had proposed that at a second conference in Geneva, the main focus should be on the protracted debate on securitiy and guarantees in a post-solution Cyprus.

South Cyprus government spokesman dismissed comments from the critics. He said, “The moment of truth is approaching, Turkey must decide and state if it wants the two leaders to proceed or not.

He added that “The President aimed to promote the importance of the chapter of security and guarantees and that is clearly recorded in the Secretary-General’s statement.”

On Tuesday, Akinci said that the new conference will take longer than a few days. He also clarified that the joint document Eide is set to prepare on the issue of security will only be a guideline not an agreement.

The leaders agreed to continue, at the same time, negotiations on all other outstanding issues, starting with territory, property and governance and power-sharing.

The leaders and the Secretary-General also agreed that all chapters will be negotiated interdependently and that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, in accordance with the joint declaration of 11 February 2014.

In the follow-up to this meeting, the Secretary-General will reach out to the other parties at the conference: Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom and the European Union as an observer.

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