Second oil well in North Cyprus to open in 2013

Taner Yildiz, Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, has said that in 2013 Turkish Petroleum Company, TPAO, will drill a second well, within the framework of its land drilling project for natural gas and oil in North Cyprus.

Onshore drilling operations began this April at Sinirustu near Iskele. However, the well, known as Türkyurdu-1 and 4000 meters deep was capped in October as no oil had been found. The capping of the well had been contentious since there had been complaints about pollution in the area.

In September, Yildiz said that North Cyprus was rich in natural resources and energy that Turkey was keen to develop. He also went onto stress that TPAO’s culture was founded on patience.

The drilling of the Türkyurdu-1 well in the North has also yielded geological information which should point to the potential value of onshore and offshore drilling. Yildiz has also indicated that there are plans to drill for oil offshore.

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