Second Protest Held Against Rising Road Deaths

A protest rally organised on social media gathered in Nicosia yesterday against the condition of the roads in the country and price hikes in road tax.

The first protest was held on 15 January but in light of no reaction from the government and the price increases remaining unchanged, protestors took to the streets of Nicosia once again.

It was reported that after the threat of the first demonstration the transport minister said that most of the receipts went to a general government fund and was used to pay civil servants’ salaries. The transport department did not have its own budget, the minister said.

Lapta Brits Protest

The second demonstration with the slogan ‘We had warned You’ started at a location known as Citroen Lights in Dereboyu with the participation of hundreds of people despite the cold weather. A number of British people living in Cyprus participated in the protest. Activists wearing a yellow vest and carrying a yellow balloon marched from the Citroen Lights to the area known as the Pronto circle.

Activists carried images of the 50 deputies in the Assembly. The slogans were: “Unity, Struggle, Solidarity”, “We Don’t Want To Die On The Road”, “Government Resign”.

A minute of silence was held for those who lost their lives in accidents. A video was shown about the accidents.

We will never forget those who lost their lives on these roads,” said committee member Serdinç Maypa.

Poor road conditions, a lack of lighting and barriers, poor signage and poor driving standards are blamed for the rising toll of road traffic accidents and an increasing number of fatalities.

Yeni Duzen

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