Second section of water project piping submerged

A second section of pipe which will bring water from Turkey to the TRNC has been laid underwater.

The 500 meter long pipe, part of 3 kilometres to be underwater by the year’s end, was submerged by divers two days ago. Completion of the whole project is expected by March 2014.

The project will bring 75 million cubic metres of water every year from Turkey’s Alakopru Dam to the Gecitkoy Dam in the TRNC.

The framework for the $450 million project was signed by the Turkish and TRNC governments in July 2010.

Currently, Turkey gives the TRNC, which has suffered from a trade embargo since the Turkish Peace Keeping Mission in 1974, around $600 million aid annually. Part of the financial package agreed by the TRNC in order to continue receiving that funding is that it had to reduce its budget deficit and tighten up controls on public spending, reduce the oversized public sector and privatise loss-making state companies.

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