Second Women’s Refuge to be Built in Nicosia

The LTB Women’s Shelter has given refuge to 20 women and 25 children over the past year, North Nicosia Mayor Mehmet Harmancı told a press conference.

The women’s shelter offers a safe place for women who have been exposed to violence and has been operating since November 2016.

The refuge has housed 20 women and 25 children since last year, Harmancı said. They also have access to legal, health, employment, education and mental health services.

Mayor Harmancı stated that the existing Women’s Shelter is in a capacity to serve 7 women and 14 children.

Pointing out that they have proven that they have been able provide services at world standards in the last year, he explained that more than 40 women have been qualified for legal, psychological, employment, health and social services services.

The mayor stated that 14 children were provided with nursery, study and classroom support and 13 children who were not at home, were given education, psychology, food, supplies, clothing and stationery support.

He also thanked the sponsors who supported women in setting up a new future.

Harmancı also announced that the European Union has approved a project to build a new Women’s Shelter in Nicosia.

The mayor said that the project contract will be signed this month and that 40-45% of the grant programme of 800 thousand euro will be spent on building, the remainder to establish services over a three year period.

Harmanci stated that the new Women’s Shelter will be built to serve 12 women. The new shelter will have a communal kitchen, children’s play areas, study rooms and sleeping accommodation.

Noting that refuge seekers came mainly from areas outside of Nicosia, Harmancı wanted the state to produce results from the workshop on domestic violence held last year and to pass the Law on Domestic Violence as soon as possible.

Nicosia Turkish municipality will always set its face against violence against women. No woman is alone”, he stated.

Kibris Postasi

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