Secondary School Teachers to Strike on Monday

Secondary School Teachers - Strike

Sunday, 16 October 2022

The Teachers’ Union KTOEÖS has decided to increase its protests against the Ministry of Education’s policies by going on strike on Monday, Yeniduzen reports.

President of the Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers’ Union (KTOEÖS), Ozan Elmalı, accused the Minister of National Education Nazım Çavuşoğlu of being “anti-teacher” and announced that they had agreed on all kinds of actions and strike decisions as of Monday.

In his written statement, Elmalı claimed that Minister Çavuşoğlu’s words and attitude about the teaching profession and teachers were “hostile“.

Claiming that Çavuşoğlu continued his insulting rhetoric by distorting the facts in his speech in parliament last Monday, Elmalı said:

“By destroying all democratic practices, taking advantage of the fact that the schools are closed during the summer holidays, trying to change the ‘Teachers Law’ without even meeting with our union once, trying to change the ‘Teachers Law’ as if by fire, he tries to justify the work he has done by deceiving society, humiliating the teaching profession and trying to devalue the teaching profession.

“We would like to ask the Minister of Education once again: Why are you so hostile towards teachers?

“Is it true that you were instructed to have the change of law take effect immediately? Doesn’t your conscience ache when you insult teachers and try to destroy this profession in front of the public for the sake of following the instruction and sitting on the couch?”

Elmalı stated that chaos was created in schools and that while the problems were piling up like a mountain, the minister took it as a mission to attack teachers’ rights and stated that their patience was exhausted.


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