Secrecy surrounds UN CyProb documents

The UN has distributed a 77 page document to both the TRNC and Greek Cypriot Presidents, however, TRNC President Eroglu has not shared this document with parliament or the political parties.

The document was presented by the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, Alexander Downer and is said to form a blueprint for future negotiations.

The contents of the document have not been disclosed to the TRNC press by President Eroglu. Although they are dated April 30th, it was only the day before yesterday that they were revealed to the Greek Cypriot National Council.

A South Cyprus newspaper describes the document as a bombshell and states that it covers all the areas on which negotiations have been held so far. Included in this are power sharing, guarantees and property issues. Apparently the document says that Turkish Cypriots will be recognised internationally after the solution.

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