Seeking Closure: Remembering the Lost in Cyprus

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The funeral for Fuat Niyazi, a 20-year-old Turkish Cypriot who went missing after being taken from a taxi in Larnaca on May 12, 1964, will take place on May 12, 2024, Yeniduzen reports.

His remains were discovered in a well, aside from the well-known Trulli (Strullo). Alongside our friend Ksenis Halluma, who is a relative of another missing individual from Cyprus, and in memory of Ksenofon Kallis, a Turkish Cypriot Deputy Member of the Missing Persons Committee, the ceremony will be held with military honours at the “Ortaköy Martyrs’ Cemetery” located within the Lefkoşa Cemetery.

This poignant event coincides with the 60th anniversary of Fuat Niyazi’s disappearance. It’s a testament to the ongoing efforts to bring closure to families affected by the events of the past. Mustafa Mulla Hüseyin, another individual who was missing and later found, had his funeral last year. His story, like many others’, serves as a reminder of the enduring pain and hope for resolution that characterises the plight of the missing in Cyprus.

Ksenis Halluma’s dedication to finding the missing, exemplified by her efforts and cooperation with the Committee on Missing Persons, is a beacon of resilience. Through her actions and those of others involved, steps are being taken to uncover the truth and provide solace to families who have long awaited answers.

According to information provided by Sülün Asafhan, Psychologist at the Turkish Cypriot Member Office of the Disappeared Committee, another Turkish Cypriot, whose remains were discovered in the well, has been positively identified. The family is now deliberating on when to hold the funeral. However, the identity of the fourth individual, whose remains were also recovered from the well, is still pending confirmation through DNA testing.

The journey to find closure for the families of the missing is ongoing, but each step forward, including the identification of remains and the solemnity of funerals like Fuat Niyazi’s, brings us closer to healing the wounds of the past and building a more peaceful future for Cyprus.


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