Senior Uni Administrators Accused of Embezzlement

The Cyprus Health & Social Science University

A number of senior administrators at the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University are believed to have been involved in large-scale fraud regarding the university’s finances, Yeniduzen reports.

Allegations of diploma fraud were also mentioned following the results of an internal audit.

According to the statement made by the university’s lawyer, Feyzi Hansel, the preliminary findings made during the internal audits are as follows:

  1. Large amounts of money were embezzled through a separate accounting and bank accounts not related to the university, parallel to the official accounting of the university.
  2. With exaggerated, inflated fake invoices and commission payments, the university’s income was syphoned off and the university suffered losses.
  3. Dozens of academic staff at our university were removed and a gang of a few people recklessly prepared false documents to tarnish the name of the university and the country.

The statement included the following statements: “Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University is a higher education institution that has been a soldier in the struggle for existence and development of Güzelyurt in particular and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in general since its establishment. The founders of our university have adopted the motto of being present both for increasing the academic standards and quality of our university and for the development of our Güzelyurt region. Unfortunately, our university, on which the founders of our university did not spare any expense or investment, has become the victim of a criminal organisation formed by a black gang for the sake of their personal ambitions and interests

“For a long time, as a result of the research and inspections carried out by the founders of our university, upon intelligence received both from home and abroad, within the university, it has been determined that some senior administrators of the university have committed serious corruption and embezzled money by abusing their duties and powers. 

“The university owners shared the information and documents regarding these findings with the Financial Police and filed an official complaint. 

“….The founders of our university do not accept and cannot tolerate the theft and usurpation of the university’s corporate identity and powers, contrary to decades of experience, value judgments and especially academic principles and principles. The reputation of our university, which has a big place in the daily life of the Güzelyurt region, has been stolen. This will not be accepted.

“The founders of our university will continue to cooperate with the Financial Police to clarify all irregularities, all corruption and all crimes, to identify and punish all criminals regardless of who they are, and to restore the stolen reputation of our university, and will share all developments with the public at every opportunity, to the extent permitted by the legislation.

“The crisis that is presented as a diploma crisis is actually not a diploma crisis but a reputation theft crisis. The diploma issue is such a small aspect of the matter that it does not attract attention. 

“It should be known that the founders of our university will continue the operation at all costs to continue the existence of our university and clean up all the mess until all criminals who harm our university, Güzelyurt and our country for their own interests are identified and punished.

“On this occasion, we would like to thank our Financial Police Unit, which has been carrying out very comprehensive investigations with a team in each unit of our university for days.Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences”.


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