Serial Sex Offender Deported from TRNC

Serial sex offender Graham Richard Wilson, who was convicted at Sheffield Crown Court in March 2012 was discovered in the TRNC last month.

Wilson had been found guilty of twenty five incidents of rape and indecently assaulting two under-age girls.

However, he came to the attention of the bi-communal Human Rights Committee which is composed of Greek and Turkish Cypriots and regularly shares information on crimes and criminals. It emerged that there was a European arrest warrant out in Wilson’s name.

Police in the TRNC arrested Wilson in Kyrenia on October 4th, for a technical violation of his visa as formally, European arrest warrants are not applied in the TRNC.

He was then transported to the border crossing and handed over to Greek Cypriot police.

Wilson was in Nicosia Criminal Court last week where his lawyers alleged that he should not be returned to England as he would be tortured by the UK police.

However, the judge threw this defence out and ordered that Wilson be returned to the UK within 15 days.

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