Serious Allegations of Corruption Regarding Ercan

Leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Tufan Erhurman has said that they do not want to establish a government with a party that will prevent them from implementing their plans, their programme. He reiterated that he personally, does not want to form a coalition government with the National Unity Party (UBP) or the Democratic Party (CTP), adding that he prefers a leftist coalition.

Asked to comment on the bank accounts of the current prime minister Huseyin Ozgurgun, Erhurman reminded that they his party launched an investigation in parliament regarding the contracts for Ercan airport, adding that according to the data produced by the investigations, there are ground for very serious allegations [of corruption.] He explained that these allegations are supported by bank receipts.

There are also allegations on certain other issues, such as bribery regarding the granting of citizenships. Erhurman further argued that this issue should not be seen as an election topic, to be forgotten afterwards, adding that PM Ozgurgun has to give an explanation not only because of the legal issue, but also in the interests of democracy.

Referring to the debates for the opening of a new theology school in the TRNC, Erhurman said that in their election campaign programme, religious lessons will be elective. He further said that there no need in the country to open a new theology school or college.

Referring to the issue of granting citizenships, Erhurman said that when the CTP was also in coalition with both UBP and DP, during this period, only 4 thousand people obtained TRNC citizenship, while in the last 20 months, 12 thousand persons obtained TRNC citizenship. He added that the CTP only granted exceptional citizenship to 50 persons, while the UBP-DP coalition government granted exceptional citizenship to 2 thousand people.

Yeni Duzen

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