Serious Fraud Office seriously corrupt: says the ‘Times’

The Times Newspaper last week revealed how the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) had lost files related to the case of Asil Nadir then stated that these files had then been “found “.

Yesterday the newspaper headlined many instances of corruption in the SFO. In fact the Times claims that the SFO is riddled with cronyism and corruption and is on the verge of falling apart.

The newspaper says that after research into the workings of the SFO they have observed jobs being given to family members and friends. Also the SFO, ignoring government guidelines, hired expensive management consultants. These consultants provided gifts to SFO directors, including a weekend break costing £1,000.

The Times points out that the public accounts committee (PAC) is, this week, questioning the current head of the SFO, David Green as well as the man he replaced, Richard Alderman. PAC has already noted that two senior board members of the SFO made payments last year of £1 million that are regarded as irregular and suspected of being unauthorised.

The SFO has been criticised in numerous quarters for its inability to close many major cases.

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