Serious progress being made in Cyprus talks: Akinci

President Akinci stressed that creating powerful structures in the country is important for the post-solution period, adding: “Guiding all of our domestic issues continually towards the solution of the Cyprus problem and waiting only for that particular day, does not take us closer to a settlement on the contrary, it moves us away from it”.

According to a press release issued from the President’s Office, Akinci met yesterday with a delegation from the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Artisans and Craftsmen (KTEZO) headed by their chairman Mahmut Kanber.

During the meeting, Kanber said: “We should not be afraid of fighting for the solution of the Cyprus problem”, adding that they are following the progress on the Cyprus talks and expressed their desire to contribute to the solution. Kanber also discussed KTEZO’s activities with Akinci.

Referring to the importance of the contribution of organisations to the settlement, Kanbel said that the Turkish Cypriot municipality in North Nicosia and the South Nicosia Municipality are trying to organise a joint festival at Ledra Street.

Akinci, for his part, said: “We will facilitate a solution by creating more powerful structures”, adding that the multi-dimensional efforts of the Chamber in the North, in the South, in Turkey and in the international arena are important.

Noting that there has been serious progress in the negotiations, Akinci said, however, there remained thorny issues to thrash out at the negotiations. He stressed the importance of political determination and will and added that as of November, they will enter into an intensive phase in the negotiations.

Akinci added: “Our hope is to reach a solution as soon as possible even though we have not referred to a specific date”, and concluded by saying that they will continue to do the best they can to reach a Cyprus settlement.


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