Serious Shortage Of Medicines Anticipated

North Cyprus News - PharmacyConcerns have been raised about pharmaceutical drugs becoming scarce because of a shortfall in the government’s budget, Yeniduzen reported. Many people with serious health problems could struggle to access medicines because the state cannot supply them or they are out of stock. 

There will be regional shortages of some drugs which are subject to the approval of the Board of Health, it was stated.

Citizens undergoing chronic and oncology treatment are having to come to Nicosia to obtain board-approved drugs from the Medicines and Pharmacy Department.

Director of the Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy Department Serap Konde, stated that one third of the drugs were purchased in this year’s drug tender compared to last year because of budget issues. She stated that if the necessary resources are not available, there will be serious problems at the end of the summer.

Konde said, “I wish we could send medicine even if it was. Complaints of citizens about not being able to access medicines reached us as well. But there is no medicine”.

Meanwhile, Emete Imge, President of the Universal Patient Rights Association, said that it is unacceptable to say that there is not enough funding for medicine at a time when wasteful political purchases are made. Imge stated that “Resources may be scarce, but they should be distributed fairly and equally”, adding that this issue cannot be seen as an excuse. 


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