Settlement unlikely according to minutes of Cyprus Summit: Siber

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber hassaid that reading the minutes of the Cyprus negotiation, did not give her the impression that they were very close to a settlement and added: “However, I don’t know if some positive promises were given behind closed doors and they were not included or reflected in the minutes”.

Evaluating the failure of the Mont Pèlerin meeting on a television programme at KANAL T as a guest, Siber said that the “Turkish Cypriot people’s desire for solution and peace is high, however they should not get the idea that all their problems will be solved with the Cyprus settlement, because a great percentage of their problems are not related with the Cyprus problem”.

Siber argued that the continuation of the Cyprus problem does not reflect negatively in the daily lives the Greek Cypriots because they continue their normal government relations. She further claimed that it is for this reason they are in no hurry and they want the continuation of open-ended negotiations.

Asked to comment on the latest stage of the Cyprus talks after the Mont Pèlerin failure, Siber said: “I can express openly, as a person, who is reading the minutes, that I don’t have great hopes. I have shared this with my confidants and some MPs.”

Replying to a question on what were her expectations from Mont Pèlerin, Siber said had hope that:

We reached consensus to a great extent on some chapters. The chapters on which we could not reach consensus would have been completed. The territorial issue would be put onto the negotiating table and the maps would appear then, the date of the five-party meeting would have been determined. Could they proceed so quickly? Because even the criteria of the property issue, which is the most important chapter, I could see that there was not any agreement yet”.

Referring to the “emotional bond” issue on property, Siber said that the Greek Cypriot side insists that the refugees, who were over 10 years-old during the Turkish military intervention Cyprus in 1974, should have first the right of return to their homes and claimed that the ruling on Demopoulos case referred also to the “emotional bond” that is valid for the current occupier of that property.

Siber, referring to the guarantee system, argued that the guarantees became EU primary law when Cyprus joined the EU. Recalling that the Republic of Cyprus was a bi-communal federal state but not bi-zonal, Siber said that for this reason, President Anastasiades says that the “solution that will be found, will be the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus”.

Halkin Sesi

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