Settlers feel snubbed by Akinci

The ‘TRNC NGO’s Initiative’ has accused President Mustafa Akinci of excluding them from Tuesday’s briefing on the Cyprus negotiations.

The “Initiative” which is composed of 20 NGO organisations established after 1974 by Turkish settlers, strongly condemned Akinci for not inviting them to the meeting called “Dialogue and Cooperation with Civil Society” held the other day, in order to brief them on the latest developments in the Cyprus negotiations.

The ‘initiative’ accused Akinci and his delegation of “not embracing the whole community” and for demonstrating a separatist and discriminatory stance.

In a written statement on behalf of the ‘initiative’, Bertan Zaroglu said: “Akinci pointedly did not to invite civil society organisations which were established by citizens who came to our country from Turkey after 1974 to the meeting and by doing this, he discriminated against the NGO organisations”.

Zaroglu called on Akinci to make public the criteria he used when he decided who would be invited to the meeting.

He added also that they would reject any possible solution plan to the Cyprus problem.


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