Sewage overflow threatens Famagusta residents

Overflowing sewage water from the Hespolat treatment plant is now threatening Famagusta residents as well as the environment.

The Famagusta mayor Oktay Kayalp, tried to avert this disaster by arranging for the nearby river to be damned up to prevent sewage water coming into the city.

However, the bulldozer operator carrying out his instructions was arrested for operating without permission. The Mayor could also be cited in this case.

Mayor Kayalp has replied with a written statement that this unfortunate situation has arisen because of bad decisions made by the District Governor. He maintains that normally, waste waters would be stored at the nearby Bridge Dam, however the District Governor has allowed the dam to be used by private individuals who have insisted that the dam sluice gates remain open and this has allowed the sewage water to exit.

The District Governor’s office then compounded the problem by arranging for river beds to be cleaned, so allowing the sewage water to travel faster.

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