Sewage pumped into the sea off Kyrenia

Untreated sewage is being pumped into the sea on the Kyrenia coastline. Images posted on social media show contaminated water on the shoreline.

Mehmet Ezic, owner of Peanuts Restaurant which overlooks the sea in Kyrenia, said this was not the first time sewage was pumped into the sea and that it had been continuing two or three times a day over the last week. It there are waves, the sewage is dispersed more quickly, but on calm days it just remains there. The smell is getting worse, he said.

Ezic noted that the Kyrenia municipality pumping station was situated at the back of the restaurant. He has regularly complained to the local council over the past four or five years about it but nothing has been done about the faulty machinery, he said.

Head of Kyrenia municipality, Nidai Gungordu has said that the sewage system needed to be upgraded because it cannot cope with the uncontrolled increase in the local population. “The current system is built to handle waste from a town of 25,000 residents, whereas it is currently having to handle waste from a town of 80,000,” he said.


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