Share Hydrocarbon Resources: says US State Dept

USA State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland has confirmed that the USA believes that hydrocarbon resources recently found off south Cyprus shores should be shared between both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. She stated that:

“We continue to believe that the island’s oil and gas resources, like all of its resources, should be equitably shared between the communities in the context of an overall solution”.

Ms Nuland added: “As we’ve long said, we support Cyprus’s right to explore for energy in its offshore areas. In that context, of course, we strongly support the Cypriot-led negotiating process conducted under the UN’s good offices to try to reunify the island in a bizonal/bicommunal federation”.

Since the discovery and drilling for these resources began, Turkey has disputed the right of the R0C government to tender drilling licenses as it does not represent the peoples of the TRNC.

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