Sharing teacher and student data with Ankara illegal

The teachers’ trade unions, Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ Union (KTOS) and the Turkish Cypriot Secondary Education Teachers’ Union (KTOEOS) described the initiative by education minister minister Ozdemir Berova (main photo) to transfer the personal data of teachers and students to Ankara as a “scandal”.

In a joint statement, the two unions asked the school administrations not to share any information with the ministry until the government announces that it will reverse this decision.

The statement further adds that the unions will resort to a judgement, asking the resignation of Berova and that they have also decided to transfer the case to the international courts.

The Communal Liberation Party New Forces (TKP-YG) added its voice by saying that student and teacher data was confidential and the state should keep it that way.

Tutkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibisli’ reported that replying to criticism of the move to share confidential data with Ankara, Berova posted on social media that he regretfully condemned those who had distorted the meaning of this act and shown hostility towards Turkey. The data sharing scheme included the process of creating an e-school with Turkey, he said. Berova argued that “being hostile against Turkey” is a personal choice and those who act like this, will be judged by the public.

‘Yeni Bakis’ reports that lawyer Baris Mammali, argued that the Ministry of Education is guilty of giving personal data of teachers and students to another foreign office, adding that “there is no legal provision that allows for this”.

Mammali, recalling article 9 of the law on the ‘protection of private life and the personal area of life’, argued that anyone, who seizes, sells or gives personal data without the consent of that person, commits a serious crime.

Kibris, Kibrisli, Yeni Bakis

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