Shock Music Video Outrages Turks

Turkish singer, Cem Adrian, caused a controversy with the recent launch of his latest music video, Yalnızlık (Loneliness).

The video appears to show a young man masturbating in a bathroom and has shocked and offended many people.  Social media sites have buzzed with critisism for the video, calling it morally depraved and demanding that it be banned.  However, Adrian himself defends the video, tweeting, it’s not about “Don’t you do it?” but “How many times in a week?”.

He is also reported to say that to ban the video would infringe his rights to freedom of speech.  His supporters stand with him and highlight Turkey’s lack of freedom of speech as the real reason behind the controversy.

To date critics have not been able to get the video banned, and it can be easily found in YouTube.

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