Sibel Siber could be a presidential candidate

Turkish Cypriot Speaker of the House Sibel Siber held a press conference evaluating the first year of parliament, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Replying to a question about next year’s presidential elections and the possibility of her running for office, Siber said:

 “I get asked this question very often and I sense that behind this question there is a demand and desire for my candidacy. If I see a concrete demand and desire coming from people, I would of course would not evade the responsibility. I would be honoured to serve as the president”.

As a CTP-BG MP, Siber said her decision would be based on her party’s will. Noting that the demand should come from her party, Siber said if the messages did not indicate that direction, she would not consider to run for the presidency.

Siber also said that the country’s most crucial problem is being outside of international law and added that the reason she entered active politics was to work for a future in which Cyprus becomes the “Island of Peace”.

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