Siber asks for support to lift embargoes on TRNC

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber has sent a letter to Espen Barth Eide, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special adviser on Cyprus.

According to a statement released by the Republic’s Assembly, in her letter Siber complained that the most important UN parameter, the existence of two peoples with equal rights on the island had been ignored.

She also stressed that ignoring the democratic structure of the Turkish Cypriot people and abstaining from communicating with its institutions had caused harm.

By doing so, the international community has encouraged the negative stance of the Greek Cypriot side on the issue of political equality, said Siber. Work was needed to change this attitude and to lift all embargoes imposed on the Turkish Cypriots, the Speaker said.

Noting that despite all efforts and hopes the negotiations process had ended without a conclusion, she said by evaluating the negotiations processes and the outcomes to date, the people will decide what road they will follow.

Siber also added that it was their greatest desire that whatever the name the solution formula to be found on the island will be, it will contain peace and security and will be viable and respect the existence and political equality of the two peoples.

Stating that a bi-zonal and bi-communal solution based on political equality, which is the most important UN parameter of the negotiations held so far, stemmed from the reality of the existence of two peoples on the island, she said. However, ignoring the democratic structure of the Turkish Cypriot people, its institutions and abstaining from communicating with its public offices and officials fell outside this parameter and was creating a contradiction.

Siber also stressed the importance of inter-institutional dialogue and cooperation.

As you know, our country is governed by a parliamentary system. In other words, all decisions are taken by parliament. It’s also parliament where a decision will be taken to put a possible agreement to be signed by the leaders to a referendum.”

Stating that unlike the Greek Cypriot parliament which had taken a decision to mark the referendum on Enosis, the TRNC parliament had approved all UN peace plans and lastly had given support to the 11 February Joint Statement, she said the Republic’s Assembly had always reflected the people’s will for a solution.

The Turkish Cypriot people, with equal rights, are one of the partners on the island. We have got nowhere with such an understanding which ignores the officials elected by this people through democratic elections and also it contributed to the Greek Cypriot side’s stance rejecting our political equality in a possible solution. This could be understood from the negative stance of the Greek Cypriot side which you have also witnessed during the negotiations process”, Siber said.

Stressing that all embargoes and restrictions imposed on the politicians, sportsmen, artists and businessmen in the country were against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN and were unfair, she said it should be seen that this did not contribute to the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Siber also expressed the belief that the UN Envoy Eide, in the light of the information and experiences he obtained during the two years’ process and with the fact of the existence of two equal peoples on the island, will give his support to the lifting of all inhuman embargoes and restrictions imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people.


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