Siber pays visit to Kosovo

Speaker of the House Sibel Siber has visited Kosovo, following an invitation from its government.

Sibel took part in the celebrations for a Turkish national holiday in Kosovo.

Turks in Kosovo have celebrated their national holiday on 23rd April for the past eight years.

Kosovo is recognised by 23 out 28 EU countries. South Cyprus is one of the five remaining members who do not recognise the state.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Administration Mahir Yagcilar said: “It’s the first time that our country has hosted the TRNC Assembly Speaker and we are very pleased to do this”. He added that “they wish to develop relations between the Turkish Cypriot people and the Kosovo Turkish community”.

In response, Siber, said that when you examine the Kosovo Turks and the Turkish Cypriots, they have similar histories. She added that “Kosovo people live in peace, are satisfied with this arrangement and wish to live in cultural harmony”.

Noting that they share cultural values, Siber said that they will try to develop their links in the social, cultural and trade fields.

She also stressed that it is important that both communities recognise one another.

Kibris Gazetesi

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