Singapore Eyes TRNC for Tourism and Investment

Chairman of the administration board of Super Travels Group, one of the five biggest travel agencies in Singapore, Huang Yuxiang, has said that North Cyprus is a new market for Singapore.

Stating that the Singaporeans can travel visa-free to 169 different destinations, Yuxiang added that tourists from Singapore can travel very easily to both North Cyprus and South Cyprus.

North Cyprus is an appropriate market for the citizens of Singapore, not only for its character but also for its culture, Yuxiang said: “Since north Cyprus is a new destination and a developing country, it is considered as a great opportunity for making investments. If it would not be this year, next year we are planning to bring around three thousand tourists to north Cyprus”, he said.

Yuxiang added further that since there are no direct flights from Singapore to the TRNC, tourists could travel from Doha or Dubai to North Cyprus via Istanbul.

He also called the TRNC to attend travel fairs which are being held in Singapore, in order for the Singaporeans to have the chance to learn more about Cyprus.

Kibris Gazetesi

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