Single party rule for AKP unlikely after snap election

Recent polls conducted in Turkey show that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) will not gain enough votes to form a single-party government in a snap election scheduled for 1st November.

According to pollster Metropoll’s latest survey, the AKP stands at 41.7% of the votes, up from 40.9%in the 7th June election.

In the same poll, backing for the social democratic Republican People’s Party (CHP) was at 25.5%, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) at 15.7% and the Kurdish problem-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) at 14.7%- an increase in its support from 13.1% in June.

“It seems like the snap elections will not generate a different political situation from the election on June 7,” Özer Sencar, the chairman of Metropoll, wrote in the survey report.

Metropoll said that 2,520 people were polled between 14-16th August.

The president of opinion poll company, ANAR, confirmed there has not been a major shift in voters’ decisions since the June elections, despite important developments such as terror attacks and worsening economy.

“I say that the voter trend seen in the June 7 election continues. And there is no reason for change,” İbrahim Uslu said in an interview with ‘Al Jazeera’. Uslu claimed that the AKP increased its votes by only 1-2%, which is in the margin of error. “There is no other party than the HDP that gains from this terror atmosphere,” he added.

Uslu, who is seen as a figure close to the AKP government, did not reveal the details of his company’s survey on which he based his analysis.


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