Sinovac’s Effectiveness Against Delta Variant In Doubt

North Cyprus News - Sinovac VaccineSerious doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of the Chinese produced vaccine Sinovac after 350 doctors and healthcare workers in Indonesia fell ill with the Delta variant of Covid-19, despite being vaccinated with Sinovac. Dozens have been hospitalised, Forbes reported.

Yeniduzen reported that one of the leading names in the world in the field of infectious diseases and the immune system who works as a principal researcher at the Jackson Laboratory Institute in the USA, Professor Derya Forgetz said, “Healthcare personnel who have had the Sinovac vaccine and those over 65 years old should be provided with a 3rd dose of Biontech as soon as possible”.

Professor Forgetz said, “Sinovac probably can’t stop the Delta variant, but Biontech is very effective.

It is appropriate to receive the 3rd dose of Biontech or another vaccine 1-6 months after having the Sinovac vaccine”, he said.

This variant is much more contagious & dangerous, we’ve said it many times, but it’s the same for those who haven’t been vaccinated! Those who are vaccinated are also protected against alpha, beta, and gamma variants“, Professor Forgetz noted. 

Forbes Magazine wrote that Sinovac only just met the World Health Organisation’s efficacy threshold of 50% by one percent at 51%. The publication went on to say that there was a lack of publica data to support the manufacturer’s claims regarding the efficacy of the vaccine, which at times, have been inconsistent.

Yeniduzen, Forbes

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