Six admitted to hospital with suspected MERS virus

Six people were admitted to hospital in North Cyprus showing symptoms of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). ‘Yeni Duzen’ reports.

One of them, an 83 year old woman who returned from a pilgrimage from Saudi Arabia where the virus was first detected two years ago, was hospitalised with fever, respiratory and heart problems is suspected to have died of the disease,

The six who returned from Saudi Arabia had complained of respiratory problems were placed in quarantine, while the Turkish Cypriot authorities are in the process of locating all of the passengers that were on board the same flight so they can be tested.

Tissue samples from the dead woman, who was also suffering from a serious heart condition, diabetes, and high blood pressure, have been sent to a lab in Turkey to determine the exact cause of death.

Meanwhile, yesterday, according to Bayrak television Health Minister Ahmet Gulle has made a statement regarding the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome MERS.

Gulle said that the MERS virus is a viral respiratory illness and during the incubation period is not contagious and added that the virus showed itself through high body temperature, sever coughing and chest pains.

He noted that with early detection, chances of recovery from the illness is quite high. The minister added that those who are travelling to Saudi Arabia and those regions should become aware of the illness and take the necessary precautionary measures.

Explaining that there were six patients in hospital who all returned from Saudi Arabia and were admitted to hospital with respiratory problems, Gulle said that unfortunately one patient had died but they are not sure whether or not the patient had died due to the virus.

“The other patients aren’t that ill and their chances of recovering is high. We will be getting in contact with those who travelled on the same plane with these patients and see whether or not they are carrying similar symptoms. Everyone must be sensitive and aware of this issue. There is no need for panic and if there are any symptoms, we are calling for those people to come to the hospital and seek treatment”, the health minister said.

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