Snatched from burning truck

Last night a truck driver crashed into a palm tree and was trapped in his cabin as his truck burned. He was rescued at the last minute by the fire brigade.

Zeki Terzi 63, was nearly burnt alive yesterday with the fire services arriving just in time to save him. He had been wounded from his crash and was trapped in his truck.

The accident happened last night as Mr Terzi was driving his truck from Lefke to Guzelyurt. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a palm tree in a nearby field. The tree was uprooted and the truck turned over before catching fire.

Eyewitnesses say that the fire brigade was quickly on the scene and managed to free Mr Terzi. An ambulance was also there to take Mr Terzi to Nicosia state hospital. He is reported to be suffering from a number of injuries but none of these are life threatening.

The Guzelyurt police are investigating the accident.

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