Soli And Vuni Palace Open to Visitors Again

Swan Mosaic - Soli
[Swan Mosaic – Soli]
Wednesday, 5 October 2022

The site of the ancient Greek city of Soli and Vuni Palace has been reopened to the public following four months of maintenance and conservation work, Yeniduzen reports.

The project was funded by the EU at a cost of around 200,000 euros with the technical support of the United Nations Development Programme, within the framework of the Bi-communal Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage.

Co-Chair of the Bi-Communal Cultural Heritage Technical Committee, Ali Tuncay, said that eight expert staff worked and oversaw 20 workers who helped to stabilise the mosaics and floor. The remnant walls were strengthened and rainwater management was carried out. All vegetation was clear away, Tuncay said.

Meanwhile, Nazım Ced, Director of the Department of Antiquities and Museums the site can be visited between 08.00-17.00 on weekdays and on weekends during the winter working period. Visiting museums and ruins on Sundays is free for TRNC citizens. Ced stated that the visit to museums and ruins is free for disabled veterans, retirees and citizens over 65 years old.


According to Wiki:What remains today of the Ancient Greek city is mainly from the Roman period, most notably the mosaic floor of the basilica with its wealth of birds, animals and geometric designs and a picture of a swan. There is a theatre but it has been renovated to the point that it no longer has any atmosphere of its original age.

“A trio of ancient underground tombs has been discovered near Soli. The tombs were excavated in 2005 and 2006. Two of the tombs contained many findings, but the third tomb was empty as a result of looting. According to archaeologists the findings indicate a high level of wealth and power. Some of the vessels found are similar to items typically produced in Athens. The artefacts are on display at the Museum of Archeology and Nature in Morphou”.

“According to ancient written sources the city was supplying Athens with timber and copper and in return getting luxurious metal vessels from there”.

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