Only a Solution Will Bring Recognition For Turkish Cypriots

January 7 will be the beginning of change and it is time for TRNC citizens to show the “red card” to the three  political parties which are now represented at the assembly, leader of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), Cemal Ozyigit has said.

Stating that everyone knows very well that the current prime minister, the deputy prime minister and the foreign minister, as well as the status quo after 1974 and the republic established after November 15, the TRNC will never be recognised as long as the current UN Resolutions prevent recognition, Ozyigit said that at this moment, the only republic international law recognises is the Republic of Cyprus.

Noting that the Cyprus problem should be solved in order for the Turkish Cypriots to become part of international law, Ozyigit said that President Akinci’s rise to power had injected momentum into the peace talks, but the “ball had struck the goal post”.

Underlining that some circles in Turkey and in the TRNC say that the negotiations have ended and this job is over, Ozyigit argued that the Cyprus talks will resume in February, March or April, and everyone is preparing for this.

Noting that the UN has not ruled anything out, Ozyigit said that regarding the opening up of Varosha/Maras: “…it was said that if an agreement was reached, then it could be opened. We support this. We oppose the system of looting, scorching and torture regarding Varosha. If it is part of a solution we will discuss this”.

Asserting that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey is closer to those who want a solution in Cyprus, Ozyigit further argued: “However, it is not possible to adopt or approve AKP policies. I always worry/wonder if the end of the secular state in 2023 will be the new phase of a new sultanate. The results of the April 16, 2017 referendum [regarding an executive presidency] frightened and worried us. The extension of this situation here [in the TRNC] is evident with the founding of the Theological College, Imam Hatip and the Koran courses. While they are taking our children to Canakkale camp and are twisting Ataturk’s struggle, they are catechising them about how sharia order will replace the secular republic. Our thoughts on this issue are very different”.

Noting that if his party should come to power, Ozyigit said that they want relations between Turkey and the TRNC to be on the level of equality and based on mutual respect. He added that they reject the references to “motherland-daughter land”. He further argued that the Turkish Cypriots cannot stand on their own, if they constantly open their hands to Turkey.

Meanwhile, Ozyigit also said that 1954 and 1974 were very difficult years and that 6,000 Turkish Cypriots had migrated. However in 1974, after they said “we are free and independent”, 60,000 Turkish Cypriots immigrated between 1974 and 1994. Then Ozyigit asked: “Well, where is democracy, where is freedom, where is peace, where is the prosperity of the community?

Kibris News Agency

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