Solving Cyprob Crucial for Turkish Cypriots

President Mustafa Akıncı has, again, underlined the importance of a solution of the Cyprus problem for the future of Turkish Cypriots,

He emphasised that the Turkish Cypriots wanted to continue existing on the island by protecting their true identity.

Referring to the latest developments on the Cyprus issue at an event he attended, the President said that Turkish Cypriots should not have to experience any uncertainty for the future, adding that it was inevitable for them to gain a place within the international arena.

Akıncı also reminded that he will be meeting with Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades on 16 April and explained the aim of the meeting once again.

Negotiations have been going on in these lands for the past 50 years. I shall be meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader next week. We shall see if we are looking at the future of this island and the region from the same window, whether or not we share the same views regarding the need for stability on the island and the region. This is what needs to be discussed”, he said.

Pointing out that the talks could not continue for another 50 years at this stage, he said future developments will not allow for this.

Noting that some of his statements had been misinterpreted and distorted, the President said that this was why he felt the need to speak on the issue.

I, as the elected President of this country, still stand by the promise I made three years ago. Within this framework, I continue to preserve and maintain a settlement at the top of my agenda”, Akıncı said.

He reminded that everyone was well aware how the process, after 50 years, had been brought to the stage of a five-party conference which included the participation of the guarantor countries.

Akıncı said everyone should acknowledge the role of the Turkish Cypriot side in convening the five-party conference in Switzerland.

“We want the future generations to live in peace”, the President added.


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