Some Animal Producers Revolt Against Union


There has been internal backlash within the Union of Animal Producers and Breeders, against the decision to suspend the sale of live animals for a month, Kibris Postasi reports.

Producers who spoke to Kibris Postasi expressed their inability to bear the financial burden of not selling their animals during this period. They claimed the decision was made without their input and announced that they would continue selling live animals at 250 TL.

The producers highlighted that despite government interventions, the long-standing debates persist. They emphasised that livestock farmers and butchers have a symbiotic trade relationship, and disrupting this partnership harms both the public and the industry. They stressed that the issue should not be approached unilaterally and that livestock farmers, butchers, and the public should work together collaboratively.

The producers, who declared they would not comply with the union’s decision, criticised Mustafa Naimoğulları’s call for dialogue, asserting that dialogue should occur before taking action. They noted that the opposite approach was taken in this situation, which they deemed inappropriate. While choosing to remain anonymous, the producers indicated they would not shy away from cooperating with butchers and would act responsibly.

 Erden Slams Livestock Policies and Foreign Competition 

President of the Dairy Products Manufacturers Association - Mahmut Erden
[President of the Dairy Products Manufacturers Association – Mahmut Erden]
In a separate report by Kibris Postasi, President of the Dairy Products Manufacturers Association (SÜİB), Mahmut Erden, recently appeared on the ‘Agenda’ programme on Cyprus Post TV, hosted by Ulaş Barış.

 Erden emphasised the significant difference in the support and incentives provided to livestock farmers in South Cyprus compared to those in the TRNC, suggesting that the support in the south is virtually nonexistent. He also noted that local producers struggle to compete with cheese imported from the Netherlands.

He pointed out that cheese imported from the Netherlands is more appealing to businesses and consumers, questioning, “Why don’t you protest the cheese from the Netherlands? It’s also imported from there, and soon meat will be too“.

Minimum Price Policy Nonsensical

Highlighting the government’s efforts to address the high cost of meat by importing meat and imposing minimum prices on butchers, Erden remarked, “Minimum prices can be applied to sectors that receive incentives. You could say, ‘I’ve given you this much incentive, so I can enforce a minimum price.’ However, this policy is completely ridiculous. Measures were taken that will not achieve their intended purpose“.

Livestock Numbers do not Meet Increased Population Demands

Erden recalled that the idea of importing meat arose because butchers couldn’t sustain the minimum prices, noting, “This issue isn’t new; it’s been around for a while.” He pointed out that since 2004, while the population has grown, the number of livestock has not increased at all. “There is a mindset aiming to restrict supply so that both meat and milk enter the black market. This has also encouraged smuggling. High meat prices benefit smugglers the most“, he said.

Livestock Farming Focused on Dairy

The President of the Dairy Products Manufacturers Association, observed that some individuals are trying to lower meat prices by setting their own standards, stating:

This problem needs a policy solution. Our livestock farming is entirely focused on dairy, not meat. Our cows are dairy cows, not meat cows. Importing meat might be a short-term solution, but in the long run, we need to bring in beef cattle. Both Turkey and South Cyprus have imported animals. The support and incentives that South Cyprus livestock farmers receive are non-existent compared to what our farmers get. The core issue here is a lack of regulation“.

Kibris Postasi

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